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Location Services

The team at The Underwater Studio are HSE registered dive coordinators.

We have a vast experience of marine coordination for films & TV productions.

Our main priority is safety and it is the key to our success in enabling productions to get the footage they require.

We are able to supply:

Full Marine coordination from story board to the water

Vessels & qualified crews

Safety boats & qualified crews

Safety dive teams

Rescue swimmers

Full risk assessments

Operational water safety plans

Safety equipment hire, life jackets, life rafts , survival suits etc

Safety training for crews & artists

We also have a number of boats which can be used for support vessels, camera boats, safety boats or in shot as action craft.

If we haven't got the boat you are looking for that's not a problem.

Over the years we have built a an extensive list of contacts and feel confident that we can source almost any vessel you may require.

We can provide all managerial and staffing services together with assets and equipment to ensure that your project can be safe & successful.

Our crews are from military and emergency service backgrounds, and we are professional in securing safety plans and risk assessments to ensure all participants safety within the environment of operations. Planning starts during the early stage of script read-throughs and never stops until the job is done.

Always preparing ahead of time for each shot, our crew takes pride in the fact that a production rarely has to wait on us. Each filming day starts with a meeting covering all safety guidelines while working on the water. These guidelines are monitored throughout the day to ensure cast and crew are safe.

The Underwater Studio always makes sure that any crew working on the water is informed and kept safe throughout the duration of the shoot. Marine filming demands detailed planning in order for the day to go smoothly and safely.

It is this type of planning, combined with our experience, that makes us the best choice in our field.

We will conduct an independent risk assessment on the water safety of your project and in accordance with current legislation (where applicable) provide you with professional best practice guidelines to offer you a robust plan to discharge your ‘duty of care’ to your employees, crew, artists and members of the public.

Using our water safety team could not be easier; establish contact and we will start your Shoots preparation with great care.