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Q: Is the tank heated? A: Yes. The tank is fully heated.

Q: How deep is the tank? A:  The tank is 6.09 metres (20 feet) deep

Q: What are the tanks dimensions? A:  The tank is 12.19 metres (40 feet) long, and 9.14 metres (30 feet) wide

Q: How much water does the tank hold? A:  The tank holds 150,000 gallons ( 681,913 litres) of water

Q: Is the tank roof removable? A: Yes.

Q: Can the level of the water be changed? A: Yes.

Q: Can I put fish in the tank? A: No, but you can use ducks/swans/dogs on the surface.

Q: Are there any chemicals in the tank? A: Several chemicals are used to keep the tank clean and safe. Full details are available on request

Q: What type of medicals do we need? A: All persons using compressed air will require an HSE divers’ medical

Q: Do we really need an HSE medical? A: If you are only going to be on the surface of the water then no.

Q: Do you provide safety divers? A: Always

Q: Do you help plan and manage the underwater rigging and safety? A: Absolutely

Q: Is there secure parking? A: Yes. And it’s free.

Q: Do you provide three-phase power? A: Yes.

Q: Is the location secure? A: Yes. Our facility is a private self-contained complex. No unauthorised persons are allowed on site.

Q: Are you approved? A: Yes. We are HSE approved dive contractors & coordinators and approved BBC & ITV contractors