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Specialist Crew

Action Underwater Studios has been providing Underwater Services for a number of years and have worked with a number of  Film & TV crew who specialise or have a special talent for underwater shoots. We can also recommend specialist models who are proficient at working underwater. See our Links Page

Specialist Crew

Underwater Camera

Underwater Stills Camera

Underwater Lighting Gaffers

Specialist Services

Stunt  Coordinators




Mark Silk

Zac Macaulay

Bernie Prentice


Nick Gillard

Sam Spurgeon

Zena Holloway

Neil Blackman

Animated Extras

Tom Lucy

Alice Pennefather

Candice Farmer

Pip Keeling

Jimmy Jib Crane

Paul Kennington

Mark Wolf

Emma Critchley


Watertight Film Productions

Justin Pearson

Zac Macaulay

Gareth Gatrell


Underwater Casting

Belinda McGinley

Sergio Cesari

Maya Almeida




Rich Stevenson

 Alice Pennefather


Adrian Brown













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